Dental Services We Provide to Upper West Side Residents in NYC

  • Head and neck cancer examinations (check for potential abnormalities)
  • Periodontal exam (measures health of your gums)
  • Sealants (seals out and prevents future cavities)
  • Cavitron (ultrasonic technology easily removes tartar)
  • Dentures (Replace lost teeth)
  • Crowns (“Caps” – fix more deteriorated teeth)
  • Fluoride treatment (makes teeth resistant to cavities)
  • Bridges (replacement teeth supported by crowns)
  • Antibacterial irrigation (flush out gums, kill residual germs)
  • Implants (freestanding replacement teeth)
  • Root planing (conservative alternative to surgery)
  • Laminate veneers (bonded facings strengthen & beautify teeth)
  • Smile Whitening (have a more youthful, attractive, whiter smile)
  • Root Canal (painlessly sterilizes infected teeth)
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontal Disease

Cosmetic Dental Services: Tools and Techniques NYC Residents Can Benefit From