Cosmetic Dentistry on the Upper West Side

Upper Westside Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC

Smiles On The Upper Westside provides cosmetic dentistry in the UWS neighborhood of NYC. Call 212-222-5225 to schedule your first appointment with our dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry can be transformative to your smile and your confidence!

Our office specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Not only do we pay strict attention to your oral health and the functionality of your teeth, but we also focus on the aesthetics of your smile. We know that a beautiful smile is vital to self-confidence.

We combine our expertise and experience with advanced technology and, above all, a patient-focused dedication to listening and gathering information about your needs and desires. Our goal is to help you visualize and describe, and then obtain, the smile of your dreams. Depending on your needs and goals, as well as the current condition of your teeth, we may use one procedure or several to transform your smile.

Teeth Whitening in NYC

If you have healthy but discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening is easy and effective. Pitting and deep staining may require a different treatment, such as veneers, but most people simply need to decide whether they prefer in-office or at-home whitening. Read these instructions to help prevent sensitivity following bleaching.

In-Office Bleaching: In this one-hour procedure, we will protect your gums with a gel or rubber shield, and then apply a bleaching agent that contains carbamide peroxide to your teeth and use a laser light to enhance its effects. This will lighten your teeth by 3 to 4 shades, and you can continue the process with at-home bleaching if desired. 

At-Home Bleaching: You can whiten your teeth at home instead of or in addition to in-office bleaching. We will take impressions to create a personalized mouth tray. Just add the carbamide peroxide-based whitening gel to the tray and wear it as directed. Whitening typically takes 6 days at home, or 3 days if it follows in-office bleaching.

  • NUPRO® WHITE In-Office
  • EZ White® Pro
Invisalign in NYC

Invisalign is the thoroughly modern way to straighten your teeth. You will use a smooth, comfortable, nearly invisible series of medical grade aligners to gently shift your teeth into place. With no metal brackets or wires to adjust, you simply switch aligners at home every two weeks or as directed. You will need to see us for monitoring just once every four to six weeks. Since the aligners are removable, there is no need to give up your favorite foods or learn a whole new hygiene routine. Best of all, no one needs to know that you are straightening your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers in NYC

Thin shells of highly aesthetic dental porcelain, porcelain veneers are a wonderful way to cover gaps, chips, deep stains, and other cosmetic issues with your teeth. Porcelain veneers are strong and durable, and they are not prone to staining. You might want to have your natural teeth whitened first, and then color match your veneers to your brighter natural smile.

Cosmetic Bonding in NYC

Less expensive but less durable than porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding can improve the appearance of your teeth in just one visit. We will carefully apply the composite material to your teeth and then shape it by hand before hardening it with a specialized light. This can adjust the shape, the size, and even the color of your teeth.

Skyce Tooth Jewelry in NYC

We always want our patients to leave our office smiling a little bit brighter, but if you’re ready to add an extra sparkle to your smile, we offer Skyce by Ivoclar Vivadent. These tooth gems are a safe way to make a statement because they’re bonded to your teeth by your dentist.

More about Skyce Tooth Jewelry


Microabrasion removes a very thin layer of tooth enamel. This can be an excellent way to remove stains, yellowing, and dark spots that are not responsive to whitening.

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost in NYC?

The treatment plan you and your New York dentist choose affects your smile makeover costs. Bonding and white fillings range in price from $100 to $400 per tooth. Whitening procedures can cost between $250 and $500. Crowns may range from $1,000 to $2,500.

How much is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover varies depending upon the number of teeth involved. It could be the front 6 teeth or the front ten teeth. There is a difference in cost when it comes to the materials - which can range from bonding materials to porcelain. These different choices would impact pricing. You can have a consultation and decide what works best for you.

Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

Insurance or your Dental Benefits Plan does cover cosmetic dentistry. We can use that benefit as part of your payment towards your treatment solution.

How much does cosmetic dentistry work cost?

Cosmetic dentistry can be as affordable as you wish. You get to decide the material and the number of teeth that you would like to restore. We have payment plans that allow you to pay as much or as little as you want per month towards your treatment solution. 

What is the difference between a dentist and a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist has dealt with the experiences and challenges of customizing a smile that fits you and only you from a perspective of beauty and strength. A cosmetic dentist should be able to show before and after pictures of their work and be able to answer all your questions regarding getting the smile that you want.

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