Dr. Shaun Massiah

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist

Dr. Shaun Massiah - Upper Westside Dentist

Dr. Shaun Massiah is as passionate about dentistry as they come, having recognized his calling for the profession when he was just 13 years old. Dr. Massiah’s early revelation that he wanted to be a dentist happened when an American dentist came to volunteer in his hometown of Guyana. Dr. Massiah remembers, “I was so moved by his compassion and his expertise in his field, and I knew I wanted to be like him someday.” Dr. Massiah decided right then and there that he would do whatever was necessary to pursue his dream.

Just four years after his encounter with the American dentist, Dr. Massiah left his home in Guyana to pursue a career as a dentist. He worked all through university before he attended New Jersey Dental School. It was there that he fell in love with the idea of “changing people’s lives through dentistry.” He now walks to his own personal practice from his home on the Upper West Side of NYC, where he lives with his wife and young son.

Since opening his practice in 2002, Dr. Massiah has established himself as one of the leading African American dentists in NYC. Always keeping his practice on the cutting edge of dentistry, he is extremely passionate, extremely dedicated to his work and spends much of his free time continuing to build upon his dental education by enrolling in new and exciting dental training seminars. Dr. Massiah is an ADA Success speaker and the President of the Greater NY chapter of the NDA.

Professional Associations

Speaking Engagements

  • June 2018. Keynote speaker. Impressions Programme at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.
  • June 2018. Clinical speaker at Interfaith Medical Center. Topic: “Full Mouth Rehabilitation-Implants and Esthetics.” Spoke to the dental residents.
  • May 2018. Principal Speaker. 4th Annual Post Residency Seminar at Bronx Lebanon Hospital.
  • January 2018. ADA Success Speaker at Case Western Reserve Dental School.
  • May of 2013 and 2014. Keynote speaker at StonyBrook University, Department of Anthropology graduation.

Dr. Shaun Massiah - Upper Westside Dentist