Instructions for Bleaching Sensitivity Prevention

Follow the below guidelines to help reduce the risk of sensitivity as a result of bleaching or whitening treatment.

  • Prophylaxis (professional cleaning) 2 weeks prior to bleaching
  • Accurate alginate or PVS impression for tray
  • Brush with desensitizing toothpaste (Pronamel Sensodyne) twice a day for 2 weeks
  • Have your dentist review your oral hygiene brushing technique and use a soft/extra soft toothbrush
  • Reduce acidic beverages and fruits or wines
  • One arch, soft tray is delivered and evaluated for tooth fit, gingival irritation and ease of removal
  • Wear tray with desensitizing toothpaste (Pronamel Sensodyne) for 1-2 nights
  • Begin bleaching with carbamide peroxide product containing potassium nitrate and fluoride, ideally overnight or 2-4 hours daily if overnight is not tolerated
  • Continue to brush with desensitizing toothpaste, but brushes 30 minutes prior to tray insertion, and waits 30 minutes after bleaching to brush (If using daytime bleaching)