Skyce Tooth Jewelry in NYC

Tooth with Jewel

Smiles on the Upper Westside provides Skyce tooth jewelry in the UWS neighborhood of NYC. Call or text 212-222-5225 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

We always want our patients to leave our office smiling a little bit brighter, but if you’re ready to add an extra sparkle to your smile, we offer Skyce by Ivoclar Vivadent. These tooth gems are a safe way to make a statement because they’re bonded to your teeth by your dentist.

Skyce tooth jewelry is made with high quality crystal glass stones and they come in two different sizes, 1.9mm and 2.4mm. You can opt to have a single gem bonded to one tooth for a more subtle look or go bold with a few Skyce tooth gems placed on multiple teeth. We’ll also ask you to choose where you’d like your tooth jewels applied—in the corners of your teeth, centered, or near the bottom. Your tooth is cleaned, the Skyce gem is applied, then we use a specialized light to bond it in place.

Unlike DIY options, Skyce does not compromise your oral health or damage your teeth in any way. The materials and technique used to place these tooth gems are tried-and-tested and they are bonded directly to your teeth, without any preparation required. Skyce tooth jewelry can be removed by your dentist whenever you decide you’d like them taken off and they won’t leave a trace behind!

Frequently Asked Questions About Skyce Tooth Jewels

Can you do tooth gems at home?

Tooth gem kits are available online, but they use a process that can damage your tooth enamel and the gems themselves can cause chips and fractures. We offer Skyce at Smiles on the Upper Westside because we want to help our patients achieve the look they’re after without harming their teeth.

Am I a candidate for Skyce?

Skyce tooth jewels can be bonded to any healthy tooth. They cannot be applied to teeth with cavities, demineralization, or porcelain restorations.

Is Skyce permanent?

Skyce is bonded to your tooth, so unless it is damaged, your tooth gem will last as long as you want it to. When you’re ready to take it off, return to our office and we’ll use a tool called a scaler to remove it.

Are tooth gems painful?

No, Skyce tooth gems are not painful. You won’t even need local anesthetic to have them applied!

Is Skyce the same as tooth piercing?

Although the term “tooth piercing” is sometimes used, it’s extremely uncommon for anyone to offer a real piercing that involves drilling through a tooth. Most piercing studios that advertise tooth piercing services are applying gems to the surface of the teeth, just like Skyce. The difference, of course, is that having someone other than a dentist bond a crystal to one of your teeth is risky, often leading to damage that can leave your tooth sensitive and more prone to decay.