Post-Op Instructions Following Debridement

  • You have had some type of invasive gum treatment. Please follow these instructions closely.
  • You may take ordinary headache medicine for discomfort, but if you desire something stronger for potential pain, ask your doctor.
  • Do not be alarmed if you see some blood oozing from your gums, immediately after your treatment.
  • You should eat a soft and bland diet. Nothing hard, spicy or crunchy. No seeds or any type of popcorn.
  • Rinsing with salt water helps reduce soreness and inflammation.
  • Do not brush the treated areas tonight to avoid irritating your tissues further. That means if you had a full mouth debridement, do not brush at all.
  • You may be prescribed an oral tablet called Periostat. Please comply to the completion of bottle.
  • If you are prescribed a medicated rinse, understand that this has some possible side effects of slight change in taste of food and minor staining of teeth. Both effects are reversible.
  • Please follow your normal hygiene routine on the day following your treatment but be more gentle with your brushing.

If you have any questions, call the office.

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