Post-Op Instructions Following Fillings

  • Do not eat or chew until any numbness from anesthesia has worn off.
  • If you are supervising a child who has had treatment, make certain that they are not eating or chewing while numb. Please make sure they do not bite their lips or tongue as doing so can cause serious injury to their soft tissue.
  • Avoid sticky, crunchy, or hard foods for 24 hours.
  • Sensitivity to cold and heat, as well as any soreness, should not last more than a few days.
  • Please call our office if you experience pain or discomfort for more than a few days.

Instructions For Deep Filling with Pulp Cap (Liner)

  1.  Your filling was very deep and very close to the nerve of the tooth. A protective liner was placed over your nerve to help keep down sensitivity and the possible need for a Root Canal to
    remove the nerve. You should be able to eat normally.
  2. You may experience sensitivity from cold or hot products. This is normal and should disappear over the next couple of weeks but no more than 4 weeks. If such sensitivity persists, the tooth may require an additional procedure. Call the office to have the tooth re-evaluated.
  3. If you experience unprovoked pain or discomfort, your tooth may have permanent nerve damage and require an additional procedure to stop this pain. The next step is a root canal. We will either perform the root canal or refer you to an