Post-Op Instructions Following Denture or Partial Delivery

You have received your full or partial dentures. Congratulations! Please follow the instructions on use and care.

1. Whenever your dentures are not in your mouth, they should at least be kept in plain water.

2. We will provide you with a denture bath case.

3. You should purchase cleansing tablets, from your local drugstore. Brand does not matter. Never use your regular toothbrush to clean your dentures. This will cause scratching, and eventually the denture will have an odor and become discolored. There is a special denture brush that can be purchased.

4. You need to eat a softer diet for about 6 weeks to allow your gums and tongue a period of adjustment. Overcook your meats and vegetables to make them tender. Do not eat hard foods like nuts, ice and chips during this adjustment time. Eat slowly.

5. You may develop sore spots underneath certain areas of your dentures, on your gums. This is typical and can be relieved. Please call and make a denture adjustment appointment. Some individuals may need several adjustments, before dentures are comfortable.

6. Do not become frustrated with you dentures. Keep focused and keep wearing them.

7. For some individuals, it may seem more difficult to speak properly at first. Use the words “Mississippi” and Emma” as your practice words. The more these words sound normal, the more normal all of your words will sound.

Click Here to Download these Instructions for Printing.