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How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in NYC?

New York City is home to some of the country’s best cosmetic dentists, so there’s truly no place better to makeover your smile. If you’re wondering how much you can expect to pay for your cosmetic dental treatment, read on to find out.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cost: $300–400 per tooth

With cosmetic bonding, we can improve the appearance of your smile by covering over or filling in the imperfections on one or more teeth. This treatment is a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, although the downside is that it doesn’t last as long and bonded teeth are prone to staining. Still, bonding is a budget-friendly option that allows you to correct gaps, chips, discoloration, cracks, and uneven tooth lengths.

Teeth Whitening

Cost: $250–800

Teeth whitening is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic dentistry treatments at our UWS dental practice—after all, who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Although there are countless over-the-counter teeth whitening products available on the market, nothing gives you the level of results as professional teeth whitening from a dentist. An in-office teeth whitening procedure helps you achieve the fastest results in the shortest amount of time, while at-home teeth whitening is a more affordable option that can be performed on your own time, from the comfort of home.

Dental Veneers

Cost: $2000-4000

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you might consider porcelain veneers the gold standard. They are designed by your dentist to fit your unique facial features and proportions, then they are fabricated by a skilled dental technician who uses several thin layers of porcelain to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth. Veneers can be used to correct all of the same complaints as dental bonding, along with correcting slightly misaligned teeth, but the key difference is that they last much longer and are more resistant to stains. To apply dental veneers, a thin layer of enamel is removed from your tooth, then the veneer is bonded to the prepared surface.

Dental Crowns

Cost: $1,000–$2,500

Dental crowns are a restorative procedure that has both functional and cosmetic benefits. If you have a tooth that is malformed or badly damaged, a crown is often the best solution available. When crowns are made with a high-quality tooth-colored material, they blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile for a seamless appearance.


Cost: $4,000-$8000

Invisalign is another treatment with both cosmetic and oral health benefits—you might be interested in aligner therapy to beautify your smile, but straighter teeth are also healthier teeth because they’re less prone to decay and abnormal wear. Invisalign allows you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without the hassles of traditional braces!


Cost: $250-350 

Skyce is the newest service offered by our Upper West Side cosmetic dental practice and our patients are loving it! Also known as tooth jewelry or tooth gems, it involves adding some sparkle to your smile by bonding jewels to the surface of your teeth.

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