How Much Does A Teeth Cleaning Cost in NYC?

How Much Does A Teeth Cleaning Cost in NYC?

Teeth cleanings typically cost between $100-$400 in NYC. Your dental insurance likely covers one or both of your exams. If you don’t have dental insurance, talk with your dentist. They may offer payment plans or a discount for uninsured patients. They may accept third-party financing through CareCredit. It is vital that you make dental cleanings and exams a priority, as poor oral health has been intrinsically linked to a variety of severe, chronic conditions and diseases. 

Dental Cleanings: Preventative Screenings are Included

Although you may not realize it, your biannual dental cleaning involves much more than getting your teeth polished. During your appointment, your dentist will be looking for any tissue changes in the mouth that may indicate oral cancer, or underlying conditions such as diabetes. 

They will be screening for any signs of infection. They will use digital x-rays once a year to confirm that your jaw bone is healthy and strong. They will also be looking for signs of wear-and-tear on the teeth, indicating that you may be grinding your teeth. They will also screen for signs that wisdom teeth are erupting, and recommend extraction if necessary. 

Your dentist will also evaluate your bite during your exam, to ensure that you’re not putting undue pressure on the jaw joints, causing a TMJ disorder. Finally, they will identify any small fractures or internal decay in the teeth that can be treated immediately with a filling or dental crown, to restore the tooth to good health and prevent worsening problems.  

Twice Yearly Dental Cleanings: Why Do You Need Them?

The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) both recommend twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams for plaque removal. Even those who practice excellent hygiene habits should have their teeth professionally cleaned. The reason? Although you’ll remove a lot of decay-causing plaque with regular brushing and daily flossing, you won’t be able to remove it all. The twice-yearly dental cleanings will remove any residual plaque before it has time to harden to the teeth (tartar).

When the plaque isn’t removed, myriad problems begin to develop. The plaque will cause tooth decay. Tiny holes (cavities) will soon develop in the teeth. As the decay spreads, the integrity of the tooth becomes compromised and may become infected. Infection can spread to the gums, resulting in periodontal disease and infection in the pulp of the tooth. Infected teeth must be treated with a root canal, or the tooth will need to be extracted. 

Ultimately, missing teeth will need to be replaced with either a dental bridge or a dental implant. Both are more costly than simply having your teeth cleaned and your mouth examined every six months. 

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