How Do You Whiten Teeth

How Do You Whiten Teeth Quickly?

Maybe you have a wedding or another big event coming up, or perhaps you are just tired of your teeth not being pearly white. Whatever your reasoning for seeking quick teeth whitening, you're not alone. Once they decide they want their teeth professionally whitened, many patients want results right away. It's only natural. But how do you get a pearly white smile quickly?

In-Office Teeth Whitening

A professional, in-office whitening treatment is certainly going to yield the most effective whitening results in the quickest way. With this method, your dentist uses a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Your dentist applies a gel to your teeth and then applies a special UV light to increase the temperature and the breakdown of the peroxide, which aids in lightening teeth faster. With this method, there is an increased likelihood of tooth sensitivity. Still, it typically goes away within a day or two. If you have sensitive gums, they use a special shield to ensure the tissue isn't affected by the bleaching agent.

However, you'll want to discuss in-office bleaching with your dental provider to determine if it's a good option for you. Suppose you have any cavities or decay or dental work like veneers or crowns. In that case, you may not be a good candidate for professional teeth whitening.

Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

If in-office bleaching isn't an option for you, you might be interested in professional take-home bleaching kits. Your dentist will create custom-fit trays for you filled with a professional-strength whitening gel. The gel typically contains 10 to 22 percent carbamide peroxide—which turns into hydrogen peroxide—but these can take anywhere from two weeks to four months to work. 

It's a mix of professional bleach (considering the strength of the product) and an at-home option (you don't have to come into the office for any part of the procedure). However, at home kits work as the concentration of the active bleaching ingredient increases, which means the risk of tooth sensitivity will increase as well.

Other Options for Quick Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening mouthwash
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe. In fact, when done professionally, teeth whitening is very safe. But, all dental patients should understand that overdoing teeth whitening can be harmful. The enamel is temporarily stripped during the whitening process, which, if done too much, can harm teeth in the long run.

How Often Can Teeth Whitening Be Done?

Professional teeth whitening should only be done in moderation. Most dentists will recommend a teeth whitening procedure about every five to six months, depending on the specific patient. When performed too frequently, teeth whitening can result in long-lasting sensitivity and unhealthy teeth.

Teeth Whitening on the Upper West Side

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