What is Pediatric Dentistry?

A pediatric dentist is best qualified to satisfy the oral healthcare needs of infants, the very young and teenagers. Pediatric dentists are specially trained dentists — much like a pediatrician is to internal medicine — who provide comprehensive preventative and therapeutic oral healthcare in a manner that is non-threatening to a young patient.

Pediatric dentists pride themselves on giving compassionate and understanding care. They are trained specialists educated in the requirements of behavior management, growth and development, preventive and restorative dentistry, dental trauma, emergencies and care under general anesthesia.

When is it Time to Make an Appointment For Your Child?

Children should make their first visit to a pediatric dentist by their first birthday or at least six months after their initial tooth appears. This is a prime time when many problems that otherwise might occur later in life can be prevented.

Most pediatric dentists will suggest a follow-up visit every six months thereafter not only to monitor the development of your child’s teeth, but to build up and maintain comfort and confidence. By the age of 6, children should have had their first x-rays. Your pediatric dentist will use this information to make sure your child’s adult teeth are developing in the jaw, determine if there are any bite troubles and that everything is clean and healthy.

What You Can Expect During Your Child’s First Visit?

During a first-time visit, there will be a routine check of your child’s existing teeth and bite to identify any problems with the jaw and oral tissues.

If you’d like, a pediatric dentist may also clean your child’s teeth. You can also request education on oral healthcare basics and discuss dental development issues such as thumb-sucking, fluoride needs, cavity protection, teething, nutrition and milestones.

Dental Disease in Children

You may be surprised to learn that pediatric dental disease affects millions of children in the United States. What you need to know is that this childhood disease is completely treatable. Left untreated, tooth decay creates lifelong healthcare problems for those children afflicted. A pediatric dentist knows how to treat children — perhaps the most difficult of all patients. A visit does not have to be a scary proposition for either you or your child.

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