Best Whitening Tips for the New Year

One of the first things we notice in each other is a smile. That is why it is so important that our smiles are picture perfect. Unfortunately, though, that is not always the case. With the new year quickly approaching, now is the right time to get rid of some bad habits that tend to keep up from having pearly whites. Check out some of the best teeth whitening tips you can enact below:


Switch Tootbrushes

One simple way to keep your teeth white is by swapping out your toothbrush for a new one as soon as your see the bristles bending or looking under par. That is because after around three months, the bristles on your toothbrush start getting worn down since they are being used every single day. Once that happens, the toothbrush is not cleaning your teeth properly.

Brush Your Tongue

Any professional teeth whitening expert can tell you that brushing your tongue is vital for achieving white teeth. That’s because this act helps prevent staining from occurring. What many individuals do not realize is that the tongue carries bacteria. This bacteria then has the power to cause discoloration. You should use a soft toothbrush and begin stroking the very back of the tongue. Then, after each time you do this, rinse off the toothbrush. This will help eliminate the bacteria on the brush from hitting other spots on the tongue.

Ingest Raw Fruits and Vegetables

This may not sound like the best teeth whitening tip, but eating raw fruits and vegetables will surely help to keep your teeth white. That is because crunchy foods like those are fantastic at getting rid of any surface stains or plaque that may be building up on your teeth. In fact, this won’t only keep your teeth white, but also help prevent cavities from forming.

Opt for Gel Trays over Strips

Professional teeth whitening experts are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to whitening strips. Some find them efficient while others not so much. That’s because some professionals feel that the strips do not coat the teeth evenly with the whitening paste. Instead, these individuals feel gel trays work best due to the fact that they reach the darkest areas of the teeth right by the gum line where strips can’t get to.

Last But Not Least….Schedule Your Professional Teeth Whitening Appointment Today!

Professional teeth whitening will give you an immediate and perfect result. On top of it, a dentist will also be able to check the health of your mouth while getting your smile spotless. Don’t wait! Reach out to Dr. Shaun Massiah, NYC’s teeth whitening specialist. Make an appointment for professional teeth whitening on or call at 212 222-5225.

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