The 5 Best Foods for Your Teeth

The teeth are one area of the body that have to be kept in top shape both appearance-wise and health-wise. A smile is one the first things people notice, so it has to make a good impression. At the same time, everyone needs to be able to eat. Along with thorough dental hygiene, diet can help in accomplishing these twin goals. There are five foods that particularly stand out as the best foods for your mouth.

Hard Fruits And Vegetables

They’re not quite a toothbrush, but foods like apples, pears, and celery definitely help. What’s important to keep in mind is that these foods are not only hard, they’re also low in acids. As solid foods, they also trigger saliva, which also aids in re-introducing calcium and phosphorus to teeth enamel.


This food is commonly promoted for its calcium and vitamin D. With regard to teeth, it actually has two more aces up its sleeve. Milk has been shown to counteract bacteria-produced acid. Also, the casein in milk helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth. While it’s not cosmetic dentistry, it definitely benefits teeth.


As good as milk is for teeth, many studies indicate cheese may be better. Made from milk, it provides the same nutrients. Also, it’s more effective at neutralizing the acids generated by enamel-destroying bacteria, making it one of the best foods for your teeth.


While milk and cheese can counter the acids bacteria create, green and black teas go after the bacteria themselves. These foods are high in polyphenols. These chemicals act as natural antibacterials in the mouth. Of course, they do have a reputation for staining teeth. Thanks to cosmetic dental services, that’s not a big problem.


Both red meats and chicken, along with eggs, are among the best foods for your teeth because they supply both the calcium and phosphorus needed to repair enamel damage. While not exactly cosmetic dentistry, these foods get the saliva flowing and provide the materials it needs to patch over any lost enamel.

Save Your Smile- Contact Dr. Massiah Today

Although these food are very important, they’re no substitute for brushing or regular dental visits. Top-notch professionals like Dr. Shaun Massiah can provide both cosmetic dental services and medical care to keep teeth in the best shape possible. Just as a little reminder, multiple studies have strongly linked bacteria that cause tooth decay to heart disease. There’s more than teeth at stake. Call today at 212-22-5225 or fill out a contact form.

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