How Do You See Yourself as a Dentist and an Educator

For me the goal is empowerment, for me when you educate someone they are empowered. They are confident. An empowered patient who understands what’s going on, tells a friend, tells a relative what’s going on and they become empowered. They ask more questions and they make more observations. I am treating them for that one moment in time but the critical thing is the information I give them that they can maintain their health for the rest of their lives. I think I came to this philosophy of a more holistic approach from having a background of working and teaching in a hospital setting and seeing the effect of oral health on the rest of the body and seeing how oral health can have a positive effect on the rest of the body. So I think that is where I came about that idea. Also comes from my parents losing a lot of teeth during the course of their lives, they and then having other kinds of stomach issues and other kinds of heart issues as a result of not taking good care of their oral health.

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