What Does it Mean to Raise a Patient’s Dental IQ

Raising a patient’s dental IQ is extremely important to me. I believe that there is misinformation or even greater lack of information about your teeth and your oral health. And so it’s important for me to deal with those misconceptions and allow you to educate the patient. There’s a lot of information out there in the Internet and on the Web. And what I try to do is try to provide context to that information. That’s how I see my role. Showing them pictures… showing them models and giving them time to absorb that information. I have gathered this information over many, many years. So, though I don’t expect my patients to understand what I’ve said in a few minutes in the dental office. It’s critical that they go home, ask questions, gather their own information and call me, email me. Use all means available. Come back to see me to get their questions answered. And it’s critical to me that the patient understands what is going on or why we need to do something before they do it… because I believe that the psycho-social is also very important. If you don’t believe and understand what’s going on the likelihood of success I believe is lessened.

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