The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

When you want to keep your teeth looking nice and shiny for the long-term, it will certainly help if you know what to eat and what to avoid. However, while some foods are obvious to avoid, you may be surprised that plenty of foods are bad for your teeth. With this in mind, here are the seven worst foods for your teeth. But thankfully, most kinds of cosmetic dentistry services can improve even the worst smile damaged by these types of food.

Dried fruit

It may surprise you, but dried fruit is not good for your teeth. Not only does dried fruit contain plenty of sugar, but the sugar can get stuck in between your teeth for hours. Fortunately, with cosmetic dental services, you can clean your teeth and fix any issues.


When thinking about unhealthy teeth, people often conjure up images of sugary products. However, pickles are not doing you any favor as they contain vinegar. Sadly, the acid in the vinegar hurts your teeth and causes them to stain.


If you drink red wine, you probably notice that your teeth start to stain. Not only that, there is plenty of sugar in wine that will eat away at your teeth. If you have a lot of red wine stains, you should use cosmetic dental services so you can remove the stains and enjoy a nice smile.

Hard candies

As most people know, candy is one of the worst foods for your teeth. With hard candies, you will struggle to keep your teeth looking good. With cosmetic dentistry services, a professional can remove the stains and help you have a confident smile.


If you drink soda, you are causing serious damage to your teeth. With all the sugar in sodas, you will hurt your teeth as the enamel will suffer. Ideally, you should avoid this altogether. However, if you enjoy soda, you need cosmetic dental services that can assist you in removing the stains and restoring your smile.

Fruit juices

Much like with soda, fruit juices are not good for your teeth. Think about it, when you drink orange and apple juice, you will fill your mouth with sugar. Instead, you should eat whole foods and skip the juice. Without a doubt, fruit juices are one of the worst foods for your teeth.


Believe it or not, if you eat crackers, your teeth might become damaged. When refined carbohydrates break down, you will deal with serious amounts of inflammation in your mouth and teeth. If you eat a lot of breads and other refined carbs, you need a professional dentist to clean your teeth, remove stains and avoid long-term teeth problems.

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