The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Caps

Cap and a crown is actually the same thing. They’re interchangeable words. So, crown is the word that we tend to use as… as dentists, professionals. And, lots of times, lay people, uh, use the word caps. But they are interchangeable. The crown is gently re-shaping their tooth and putting a covering over it. There are many different materials for crowns. The crown that traditionally been used has been the work-work horse of our field has been the PFM, the porcelain fused metal crown. You see the metal showing on the inside a little bit… On the outside… the outside looks great. However, in the gums you will see a slight gray line. But the new norm is ceramic crowns. The ceramic looks absolutely gorgeous and you see no metal, no dark shadows as we used to see in the past and looks very much like your natural tooth.

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