Ultrasonic Cleaning and Your Smile

Your smile is a personal welcome mat and can leave a lasting impression. Shallow or not, we often judge others by their appearance, which is why you want your smile to be perfect. Put the pizzazz back in your grin with ultrasonic cleaning.

How It Works

During routine dental visits, you’ve experienced your dentist scraping away particles from your teeth and gums. It’s necessary to perform this procedure so your mouth doesn’t acquire bacteria. Too much build-up can eventually lead to gum disease, gingivitis, and other serious health problems that can affect the rest of your body.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use of a tool called an ultrasonic scaler, also known as a Cavitron. The instrument gives off ultrasonic vibrations that remove any trace of plaque and tartar from your teeth. The sound waves produced by the scaler help eliminate calculus that’s otherwise too difficult to omit. Water comes out of the scaler’s tip to help clear out debris and prevent the tool from overheating.

Time Sensitive

Given life’s hustle and bustle, no one likes to sit in the dentist chair for long periods of time. Fortunately, ultrasonic cleaning treatments makes teeth-cleaning less time-consuming. This technique is usually combined with traditional scaling practices which can easily help shed off minutes during a routine dental visit.


Ultrasonic cleaning is also an economical choice and comes out cheaper than other alternative methods. Actual costs typically depend on a person’s individual dental plan or insurance.


You can count on this kind of dental solution to get rid of stains caused by tobacco, coffee, and dark foods. In addition, this cleanse is successful at lowering the chances of getting gum disease. Unlike manual scraping, it reduces the risk of enamel damage as well.


It’s easy and realistic to worry about your teeth and gums feeling tender after any dental procedure. However, this form of treatment doesn’t hurt and doesn’t require any use of anesthesia to dull pain.

Smiling should be like second nature and not seen as a shameful task. Feel good about this part of your facial qualities and consult with your dentist today on the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning.

Getting a Pristine Smile

Dr. Shaun Massiah is one of the leading dentists in NYC and can help you improve your smile. To schedule an appointment, fill out a contact form or call 212-222-5225.

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