How Do I Know What My Dental Insurance Covers?

The most common dental question that is asked is “Where is my insurance cover?” So we invest in lots of software that help us to put it in layman’s terms, to put it in everyday language what is covered and what is not. Work very, very hard in working with payment plans, looking at the structure of payments of the insurance company, trying to work the treatment within that structure. We work very hard to maximize that coverage because we know people work hard to pay those premiums every month. Also a difficult thing for people to understand is all insurance is an estimate. You don’t know until that it’s submitted to the insurance company what exactly you’re going to get reimbursed. So that is also a challenging because clients assume that you know for absolute sure what the reimbursement would be. But that hasn’t to do with us. That has to do with the opacity of how the insurance coverage system works.

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