What a Patient Can Expect from a Dental Visit?

In our practice the first thing we do differently is that we don’t double book a patient. So when you come to see me you are seeing me alone and I am focused on you. I believe that seventy percent of diagnosis is made by listening; the other thirty percent is made by watching, observing, and doing different types of tests. So I pay very close attention to what you are saying.

I ask about your lifestyle and write it down, paying attention to it. Next I would take X-rays. We have digital X-rays in our office, the latest technology that allows us to see much more clearly than we’ve ever seen in the past with much less radiation. So the patient can also see because that also triggers their asking of questions is when they can see that picture they can say, “Hey, Doc! I remember such and such, and this is what happened.”

So I take a full complement of pictures and we can also see a year, two years from now is there been any changes has occurred because we had the pictures at the beginning. I do this every day, I take it as second nature, but if you are not involved in the field of dentistry it’ll be something new and different, and my responsibility is to educate you as best as I can so you can have the information to make the best decisions about your dental health.

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