What Do You Do When a Patient Says ‘I Hate Going to the Dentist’

Many a time people come to the dentist and they said, “You know, Doctor, it’s not personal but I hate dentists.”

Or they’ve had very bad experiences when they were a child so they’re extremely apprehensive of what you’re communicating about. With those types of patients what I usually do is fix one thing– one thing that’s been bothering them for a long, long time. We can just fix this one thing that’s been bothering you and then when you are more comfortable you can come back and we can fix the other things.

In general with my patients I always share with them, “Let me show you what’s going on. But you have the right to decide if you want to fix nothing, one thing, or everything. It’s your decision to make. My responsibility is to educate you as to what is going on or what are the ramifications of what’s going on.”

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