How to Combat Bad Breath

There are many contributing factors to bad breath. One of the best ways to prevent it, is good dental hygiene. This includes regular brushing, at least two or three times per day, flossing, gum massage and mouthwash. But, it is also very important to understand what could be causing your individual problem. For those who live in the Big Apple, a place where good impressions matter, you may need a New York City dentist. Poor dental health can cause a general poor feeling throughout the body, as well as fatigue and depression.

Causes of Bad Breath

Many people wake up with bad, or sour breath, even if you brush your teeth just before you go to bed. This is normal. Some foods, such as onions, cause it, as do some beverages and smoking. A sinus infection can also be the cause; so can dry mouth, and certain medications. But, a key source, and one that would need definite attention is a dental problem.

Dental Cavities, Infections or a Dead Tooth

You can have a growing cavity and not feel it or know about it. These will develop into worsening problems, and can cause or contribute to breath problems. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help are the best way to prevent this problem.

You probably will feel a root infection of a tooth or an infection of the gums, known as gingivitis. Both can cause and contribute to breath problems and should, for your health, be attended to quickly. A New York City dentist like Dr. Shaun Massiah, will quickly abate the problem by treating the area and possibly prescribing antibiotics.

You can have a dead tooth and not be aware of it. Sometimes, whether there has been an infection that you know of or not, the roots die preventing blood flow and you develop a tooth that is just sitting there, held on by the surrounding tissue. This can also be the source of not only bad breath, but potentially larger problems. Again, seeing the dentist is a necessity.

Simply chewing a stick of gum is not the answer. The best way to avoid bad breath is good dental hygiene. The best way to deal with bad breath, is to regularly have dental cleanings and check-ups by a New York City dentist. He can help you determine the cause of your continued bad breath. This will help prevent problems that can worsen with time. Dr. Shaun Massiah is one of the leading dentists in New York City with years of experience. To schedule an appointment, fill out a contact form or call 212-222-5225.

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