Tips for Handling Common Dental Emergencies

Pain is basically our body’s way of saying ‘don’t do that,’ and it doesn’t discriminate. The pain associated with dental injuries should not be regarded as commonplace. Dental injuries should be treated as an emergency. Here are some common dental emergencies that may occur, and some best practices on how to manage them before seeing a New York City dentist.

Tooth Knocked Out

Rinse the tooth without scrubbing it. If possible, try to put the tooth back into the socket. Don’t force it, work it in slowly. If the tooth will not fit, it may be facing the wrong way. Even if it is facing the right way, you may not be able to get the tooth back into the socket without going over your pain threshold.

If reapplication is not possible, put the tooth in water with a bit of salt, or milk, and visit your New York City dentist immediately. Don’t wait. Teeth have a better chance of being saved when reattached within an hour. Apply an ice pack to your cheek or lips at the site to keep the swelling down. Use an over-the-counter painkiller to help you manage the pain.

Dislodged Filling

If you lose a filling, replace it with sugarless gum. This prevents foreign materials from entering the tooth. Also, a dislodged filling can lead to an exposed nerve. When nerves are exposed to oxygen, it can extremely painful. Sugarless gum inhibits the oxygen exposure. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever if needed. See a dentist right away.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can be excruciatingly painful. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever as well an over-the-counter oral numbing agent. Salvage every piece of the tooth that you can. If there is bleeding, use gauze and keep pressure on it until the bleeding stops. Visit your dentist right away. Don’t wait. The procedure used to fix broken teeth is quick and painless. Novocain is a blessing.

Food Lodged Under the Gum Line

When floss and toothpicks fail, push-pins and razors come to mind, especially after hours of trying, prying and pain. A simple trip to your dentist may find you driving home not only pain free, but with a brighter smile. Ask for a quick, professional cleaning the next time you visit your New York City dentist.

Contact the Best New York City Dentist

Do not wait to let your dental problem ruin your day. If you have a dental emergency, contact the experienced New York City dentist Dr. Shaun Massiah today. Call 212-222-5225 to schedule an appointment.

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