Dr. Shaun Massiah Gives Commencement Speech at Stony Brook University

Dr. Shaun Massiah was part of Stony Brook University’s graduate class of 1993, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. 20 years later, on May 24th, he stood before the Anthropology graduate class of 2013 as their commencement speaker.

In his speech to the graduates, Dr. Massiah explained his humble beginnings and how the education he received at Stony Brook helped him on his way to becoming a successful Upper West Side dentist in Manhattan. Dr. Massiah grew up in Linden, Guyana, on the northern coast of South America, where many cultures coexist and intermingle. His childhood experiences led to his interest in Cultural Anthropology, which he pursued at Stony Brook before enrolling in New Jersey Dental School.

Dr. Massiah believes studying Cultural Anthropology has helped him as a dentist, especially with the diverse group of people he meets. “I am able to understand and communicate better with my patients because of my anthropology background, and I can approach the preferences of each client in a non-judgmental way.” He said in the speech.

Now as an Upper West Side dentist in Manhattan, Dr. Massiah helps numerous patients regain their confidence, using the latest dentistry technology and techniques.

On his thoughts of being able to speak to the new graduate class, Dr. Massiah says, “It was an honor to be invited, to be an inspiration to the students, because Stony Brook gave me great confidence and the tools to succeed.”

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