Could You Get Dental Work During Pregnancy?

Taking care of your dental health during pregnancy is vitally important. Not only do the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy raise your risk of dental problems, but gum disease could also harm your unborn child. You should avoid certain types of dental work during pregnancy because of the risks involved, but other treatments are necessary to protect the health of you and your child.

Dental Check-Ups During Pregnancy

You should continue to get regular dental check-ups while you are pregnant. You should also look out for signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums or swelling, and see your dentist as soon as possible if these conditions arise.

It is important to let your dentist know that you are pregnant, so that he can take this information into account when advising you on treatment. Your dentist should only carry out dental X-rays while you are pregnant if they are essential, and should take extra precautions to shield the developing baby from the radiation.

Dental Work During Pregnancy

Elective dental work should always be left until after the baby is born. Tooth whitening and other cosmetic procedures can usually be delayed until after the birth without causing harm to you, so it makes sense to avoid exposing your baby to the risks of the procedure, however minimal they may be.

Having emergency dental work during pregnancy can be unavoidable. If you have a decayed tooth that needs to be extracted, or if you need an emergency root canal, make sure your dentist is aware of the pregnancy so he or she can take care not to expose the baby to danger.Cavities can be filled and crowns can be fitted during pregnancy. These procedures help to halt
tooth decay and avoid potentially dangerous infections.

Local anesthetic can be used for dental work during pregnancy, but nitrous oxide should be avoided. In general, you should avoid going under general anesthetic while pregnant, unless your dentist thinks it is advisable. Do not be afraid to ask for extra numbing if you are in pain; reducing the distress felt by you during dental work reduces stress for your baby too.

If possible, dental work during pregnancy should take place during the second trimester or the first half of the third trimester. The first trimester is a crucial time in the baby’s development, so only emergency dental care should be carried out during this time.

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It is still important to get checkups during your pregnancy to make sure you have good oral health. There are also things an expectant mother should know to make sure the baby’s teeth will develop correctly. For an appointment, call the experienced Upper West Side dentist Dr. Shaun Massiah at 212-222-5225 today or fill out a contact form.

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