Benefits of Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Maintaining your teeth and gums on a regular basis helps prevent halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis (red, swollen, bleeding gums), and cavities (tooth decay). While daily flossing and brushing is a fundamental aspect of good oral hygiene, routine visits to your dentist’s office to ensure the complete removal of all/any tartar (the sticky, colorless film of bacteria that hardens on teeth). An effective way for a dentist to dislodge calculus (tartar) that has adhered to a tooth is through the process called ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

What is Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is the process of removing deposits (hard calculus) from teeth uses high-frequency vibrations activated at the tip of a dental instrument; the vibrating scaling tip becomes hot, generating ultrasonic waves that create microscopic bubbles that form on the surface of the tooth, removing plaque. A continuous stream of water is used throughout the process to serve as both a cooling and cleaning solvent. The flow of water quickly and easily flushes away any debris, blood, or bad taste that may form in the mouth during the process.

Manual vs. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

While traditional professional teeth cleaning (also known as hand scaling or manual scraping) is 100% better for your oral health than never going to a dentist, ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a safer and more effective way to have your teeth professionally cleaned.  This process safely, quickly, and easily removes plaque in areas that are normally hard-to-reach with a manual scraper.

While manual scraping uses pressure that often physically hurts sensitive teeth, it also leaves room for the dentist’s hand to accidentally slip (no matter how adroit his hand); whereas the microscopic bubbles formed by ultrasonic dental cleaning don’t cause pain – even for very sensitive teeth!

Further, the dentist doesn’t have to worry about holding his hand completely steady during the entire procedure. In addition, it’s faster than the traditional manual method – making the whole experience less stressful and time consuming.

While having your dentist manually scrape the plaque off your teeth is much better than leaving it there, using the ultrasound teeth cleaning procedure will make the visit even more beneficial. It’s quicker, safer, and more effective than any other cleaning method.
Contact Upper West Side dentist, Dr. Shaun Massiah today to learn if ultrasonic teeth cleaning is right for you, and to schedule your appointment.

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