Long Term Benefits of In-Office Tooth Whitening – NYC

Tooth whitening is about much more than just having a great smile. There are many long term benefits of in-office tooth whitening. Although home whitening kits were popular for a time, these fell out of fashion because they just didn’t yield the same high-quality results of professional dental treatments. However, professional tooth whitening has several great advantages:

Look Natural

Only a dental professional can select the most appropriate shade for tooth whitening. When teeth are properly whitened, it creates a perfectly natural look. The goal is to look clean and polished, not fake.

Look Younger

American culture rewards youthfulness, and it has never been more important to look young and refreshed. Stained teeth can instantly make anyone look older and more tired. But by comparison, whiter teeth can take years off your looks. A whiter smile even minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Increase Confidence

Studies have shown that people who whiten their teeth smile more often because they feel better about the way they look. This confidence improves your public image and social standing. Too many people are self-conscious about their smile and try to hide. After tooth whitening procedures, most people feel more attractive and are perceived by others as fun and outgoing. Boosting self-confidence is one of the greatest long term benefits of in-office tooth whitening.

Achieve Professional Success

It’s essential to have the best possible professional image, especially in a competitive economy. Whiter teeth can make the difference between an employee who looks tired instead of energetic, which can become the deciding factor in whom should receive a business contract or promotion.

Investment in Health

Good dental care is an important component of oral and general physical health.
Risks of poor dental care include:

• periodontal (gum) disease
• tooth loss
• dementia
• heart disease

Investing in tooth whitening is a sign of commitment to caring for dental health, which is usually a sign of other healthy habits. Anyone can reap the many long term benefits of in-office tooth whitening. Start creating a healthier, more attractive smile now. Contact Dr. Massiah at (212) 222-5225 to schedule your in-office tooth whitening session today!

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