Tips on Teeth Whitening – From NYC Dentist, Dr Massiah!

Heed your dentist’s advice

Your dentist should have the first and last word on your choice of teeth whitening (New York City) products and procedures. Not all whiteners are effective in removing stains and discolorations. Grey stains are more difficult than yellow ones. Upon examination, your dentist will be able to prescribe what products and procedures are suitable for your particular teeth whitening goals. Peroxide ingredients are the active components in teeth whiteners and different products contain these ingredients in varying concentrations and only your dentist has the expertise required to tell which products suit your needs.

Proper evaluation of your gums

Your gums and teeth have to be assessed carefully to determine if you can go through with a whitening procedure. Teeth whitening (New York City) does not suit everyone. For example, pregnant women are absolutely prohibited from undergoing teeth whitening. Those who suffer certain allergies and tooth sensitivity cannot be candidates for whitening. If you have gum problems, chipped teeth, cavities or exposed roots, whitening is not for you.

Teeth whitening (New York City) methods include gels, strips, trays and lasers. These are some of the most sought-after options available today. Go for the option that fits your budget.

Educate yourself

Learn everything there is to know about all your options so you can choose wisely. Always look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal.

Consider Your Family’s and Friends’ Recommendations

If anyone you know has already gone through teeth whitening (New York City), ask him or her for recommendations. Not counting your dentist, a regular user of teeth whitening products is the person most qualified to give you advice.

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