Invisalign and Adults –

The Invisalign product was originally launched in the US in 1999. Invisalign teeth aligners function not unlike the way orthodox brackets do. Appliances fitted to your teeth move them gradually to their optimum positions.

But while conventional braces are composed of stainless steel and metal wire, Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic less than a millimeter thick. They are also removable, which makes eating and other day-to-day activities a whole lot easier.

One of the reasons Invisalign’s popularity has grown in recent years is more and more adults are having orthodontic work done. In the past, most people thought that braces could only make a significant difference to teeth during the teenage years a teenager since they are still growing. That is a misconception. Braces can move adult teeth so you still have the opportunity to achieve that perfect smile. As more adult orthodontic treatments are becoming available, interest in them are growing as well.

The developments in adult orthodontic treatment have resulted in increased consumer demand for more versatile products that can be custom-made to suit a person’s lifestyle. While conventional braces may achieve results identical to those of Invisalign aligners, they are unsightly. Furthermore, their irremovable nature makes eating cumbersome. Lastly, almost all fixed appliances have adverse effects on gums and supporting tissues such as root resorption and demineralization. None of these disadvantages are present in Invisalign and adults finally have an alternative to conventional braces.

Through the years, Invisalign established itself as a successful brand with a variety of products to choose from. There is the original, definitive Invisalign program, the new Invisalign Express designed to correct minor orthodontic issues in short time periods, Invisalign Teen developed for teenagers, and a whole lot more.

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