NYC Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign treatment is deemed one of the best because it helps in solving a various problems by adjusting the position and form of teeth successfully and with minimum discomfort than conventional metal braces. Invisalign treatment technique has been established by Align Technology Inc., which has devoted a lot of time and effort in devising Invisalign braces.

The organization has standardized the minimum requirements a NYC Invisalign dentist needs to provide this treatment. A NYC Invisalign dentist also must continue to study any future developments on the Invisalign system. This helps in keeping him or her updated on improvements on the procedures and also assures patients that his or her chosen
NYC Invisalign dentist is one of the finest dental care providers.

Levels of Certification

Technically speaking, there are three certification levels of NYC Invisalign dentists. They are divided into classifications depending on proficiency and knowledge:

1. Provider – This is an Invisalign dentist who meets the minimum standard set by Align Technology Inc., and completes the minimum number of cases on a yearly basis and endeavors to keep updated on new developments in the industry.
2. Premium Provider – Apart from meeting the above criteria, this Invisalign dentist has an outstanding level of experience and is deemed an expert. These are NYC Invisalign dentists with years of practical knowledge in providing treatment with Invisalign braces.
3. Premium Provider Elite – Invisalign dentist who is an expert in any field of dentistry and has exemplary proficiency and knowledge, can be classified as premium provider elite. While their services are more expensive compared to other dentists the difference in results can be worth the investment.

Like most medical needs, choosing a NYC Invisalign dentist with the level of experience that is ideal for your particular case is very important. Align Technology, Inc. requires dentists who provide Invisalign treatment to pursue a continuing education to improve aptitude and knowledge. Selecting an Invisalign preferred provider helps to ensure that chosen dentist has sufficient expertise to provide Invisalign treatment and is dedicated to maintaining the Invisalign knowledge and experience that go side by side with great results for patients.

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